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Started in 1988 by Bunny Ford, Montage/ Double Take has evolved over the years from a small  business run out of a small garage,  to  a family run business where we not only purchase and manufacturer some of the newest styles,  but classic clothing  and accessories for all sizes and budget.  

Bunny Ford began as an elementary school teacher, then after numerous adventures, including a very thriving  insurance and annuity company, and some trips to Asia, the business began on a fluke. While Bunny's two girl were in college, she was a member of the parent's guild.  Part of her volunteering would be to assist in the annual fashion shows. Since the parents guild members were aware of her trips to Asia, they asked for them to include clothing purchased on her trips to Asia.  After someone saw the fashions, had suggested she become a vendor at a Women's Club Annual Convention.  Bunny borrowed money to purchase inventory,  and went to the convention, not knowing what to expect. However, after the convention, and thanks to friendly exhibitors that shared information as to where she should go next, her company began to really take off.  

In 1991, her daughter Kelly, joined the company , as a sales representative, and helped with the everyday inventory control, website maintenance, and sales. 

 Kelly graduated from Immaculata College with a Bachelor's Degree in Economics & Business Administration, and after a stint in the financial world, decided that working with family would be much more gratifying.  After 10 years of working with the company, and numerous miles traveled, Kelly decided in 2001 to start her own business which would enable her to  stay closer to home and enjoy life.  Kelly started a golf travel company with a business partner, and then added two dogs to the family~ Tucker and Vegas.  After 8 years working with a business partner, Kelly saw that the economy was about to have a downturn, and sold her percent in the company to her business partner, and in 2008 returned to Montage. 

 Kelly also restarted her Travel Agency to help book trips all over the world, including Disney Vacations, All inclusive Resorts and European Travel.  She has 9 home based travel agents that work for AFordable Travel.

Check her website out at:

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